The Department of Environment (DoE) in WA has this morning accepted Amristar’s Proposal to provide the iDelve Web Mapping software as the Department’s standard for spatial applications on the Internet. The proposed iDelve system will add value to the Department’s existing web services and will provide maximum flexibility for publishing spatial information in the future.

Key benefits to the Department include the following.

Customer-service Excellence
The iDelve system is a truly platform-independent web interface for spatial data so that users with no more than a standard browser and a low-bandwidth Internet connection can quickly access and visualise complex spatial data. It can be configured with a full toolset for professional users, or in a streamlined and simplified form that enables even casual users with no special training or experience to readily access the data they require.

The proposed system uses multi-resolution vector streaming to optimise the use of low bandwidth Internet connections for displaying and working with large spatial data sets. This approach overcomes the traditional model of web mapping, where each change of view requires a resource-intensive round trip transaction with the server.

Cost savings
Our proposed system will drastically reduce both capital cost and operating costs associated with the development and implementation of specific applications for Web deployment of spatial data, Internet traffic, and (most significantly) data management.

e-Government Excellence 
The multi-resolution streaming of spatial data enables a truly effective publication and sharing of spatial information as a Web service. Users can combine their own private datasets with those hosted by DoE and other data custodians.

The DoE and Department of Water (DoW) will now use iDelve as the standard for their public Internet map applications because of iDelve’s interactivity, intuitiveness, speed and the ease of integration with existing spatial database infrastructure. iDelve’s rich yet uncomplicated configuration allows the DoE and DoW to easily publish spatial data to the public and industry. For example, the Native Vegetation Monitoring application assists resource companies in managing clearing of native vegetation with respect to their mining leases and the Perth Groundwater Atlas is one of the their website’s most popular applications.

Lieblich & Associates is a significant shareholder in both Amristar and iDelve and Steve Lieblich is their Business Development Director.