Amristar will convert its pilot OPERATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC VIEWER for the ELECTRICITY NETWORKS CORPORATION of Western Power (WP), into a permanent operational system.

WP, which is responsible for the distribution and transmission of electricity in Western Australia, required a mapping system to enable rapid response to faults and trouble calls within their 88,000km network. The solution had to integrate with existing applications and spatial data infrastructure and perform swiftly over wide area networks for bandwidth-limited regional users, even while including satellite and aerial imagery.

Amristar developed a pilot web mapping system (GeoViewer) for WP to monitor their electricity network and manage faults responses. Using iDelve technology, GeoViewer seamlessly integrates with WP’s Network Management System, Trouble Call System and Call Taker System. The system provides a real-time spatial view of their assets, outages, and mobile vehicles.

A few days ago, WP decided to make the GeoViewer pilot a permanent part of their operational systems. Highly responsive, reliable and securely accessible by regional offices,  GeoViewer improves Western Power’s productivity and service levels.
Lieblich & Associates is a significant shareholder in both Amristar and iDelve and Steve Lieblich is the Chairman of their Boards of Directors.