iDelve  and Amristar Solutions exhibited at the Western Australian land Information System (WALIS) Forum, 11-13 November 2009.

Applications built by Amristar using iDelve for a number of Western Australian clients, including Landgate and the Department of Housing, were demonstrated.

We also presented two papers at the conference: Daniel Harvey, iDelve CEO presented a technology overview iDelveConnect – Overcoming the WFS Bottleneck, and Chairman Steve Lieblich presented a paper Challenges of protecting IP in a web mapping technology.

iDelve also announced the introduction of a new product, iDelveConnect, at the Forum. iDelveConnect obtains spatial data from remote data services and caches it locally, providing users access to near-live data from a remote custodian, but with with the performance of a local data repository.

Lieblich & Associates is a significant shareholder in both  Amristar and iDelve , and Steve Lieblich is the Chairman of their boards.