The summer has been very busy with dispute-resolution activity, as listed below. The value of the payment disputes in the adjudications under the Construction Contracts Act (WA) ranged from $150k to $2 million.

December 2014 construction contract adjudications:
** 9 invoices in a building-services contract for the construction of a shopping centre
** a payment claim in a power-station construction contract
** electrical works in a regional community-centre upgrade

January 2015 mediation:
** business-sale dispute.

March 2015 mediations:
** a tenancy dispute between a small business and a government agency
** dispute between two businesses that had a commercial alliance including a sub-tenancy agreement

March 2015 construction contract adjudications:
** progress claim dispute in a contract for construction of a multi-residential building
** final claim dispute in a construction contract to build a private residence

April 2015 construction contract adjudication:
** building-services contract for a major government project