In April 2017, Steve mediated a long-running dispute in a retail tenancy matter in a suburban shopping centre.

Negotiations between the Landlord and Tenant, to agree a new lease, had been protracted (some 18 months) and no agreement achieved. The tenant continued to trade under a periodic tenancy for a total of about 30 months before receiving notice from the Landlord to terminate the tenancy. The Tenant disputed the notice in litigation, which was pending at the time of the mediation.

The dispute was complicated by a third-party licensor who affected the retail trader’s business and that of other tenants in the same shopping centre.

In an extended one-day mediation conference, Steve facilitated the parties’ achieving agreement to a new lease for many years, subject to the approval of the third-party licensor, which is highly-likely to be given, thus settling this long-running dispute and enabling all parties to continue to trade.