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About Us

Lieblich & Associates is a private company, established by Steve Lieblich and incorporated in Perth, Western Australia. We work with businesses seeking to grow, enhance their commercial relationships, or resolve commercial disputes.


Consultant in business development, contracts and commercial management, relationship management and dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, expert determination and adjudication. Experienced director of public and private companies, leader and senior manager in engineering and technology businesses.

Focused on commercialization of innovative technologies, business growth, and sustaining long-term commercial relationships.

Very-well-connected in Government and corporate enterprises in Australia and the region.

Extensive track record of success in electrical engineering, automation, industrial process control, building services and information and communications technology.

Professional Qualifications & Associations

Lieblich & Associates
Commercial knowhow for business success

Lieblich & Associates is a private company, incorporated in Perth, Western Australia in 1995.

ABN: 71 187 235 186
The business has been established by Steve Lieblich who is well known for his success in rapid business growth, negotiating and commercializing innovative technologies.

We bring people together and identify smart resolutions to business-growth and development issues, knotty problems or disputes.

A circle of support, connections and potential stakeholders
Over many years in business and involvement in many diverse communities and in governments at all levels, we’ve established strong network of contacts. We can call on these contacts to assist, whether for a private, commercial, not-for-profit or government matter.

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