Lieblich & Associates

How We Can Help You


We have a track record of success in business development, commercial management, relationship management, negotiation and dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, expert determination and adjudication.

The business has access to a well-established wide network of contacts to assist with particular business challenges.

As part of this process, we develop great relationships with all stakeholders involved including Customers, Investors, Staff, Allies, Service Providers and Suppliers.

Some ways we can help:

Enhancing Commercial Relations, Negotiation and Dispute Desolution

Could your relationships with customers, allies or suppliers be improved?

Providing an Independent Director or Leader

Is your business growing too quickly? … or not quickly enough? … or does it need some fresh ideas?

Accelerating Business Development, Marketing and Sales

Is your business falling short on revenue objectives?

Commercialisation of Innovative Technology

Do you have an invention, innovative idea or new technology?