Lieblich & Associates

Accelerating Business Development, Marketing and Sales


Is your business falling short on revenue objectives?
Are you winning less than half the sales contracts you’re chasing?
Are you losing major customers to your competitors?

We can help you with:

Sales Management

We can assist you to improve your sales process, define and focus your targets, build a better sales team and improve the management of your sales resources and efforts.

High-level Networking

Our existing network of contacts, built from decades of doing business in Australia and the region may well be able to benefit your business, or may act as a springboard to other valuable contacts.

Customer Relationships

Ultimately your relationships with your customers are the most important to the business. We can help you qualify (screen) which organisations to target, win their business, build a long term, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship and keep that customer, “for life”.

Lieblich & Associates is pleased to announce that our ally Verint recently received an order from a Legal Enforcement Agency for a major communications interception system.

The contract includes software, implementation, testing and support, and has a value of approximately $1million.

Verint systems are highly mission-critical. Lieblich & Associates assists Verint to manage its sensitive and important relationships with key national and Western Australian clients.