Lieblich & Associates

Commercialisation of Innovative Technology


Do you have an invention, innovative idea or new technology?
How will you turn it into a sustainable commercial business?

We can help you with:

Creative Strategic Planning

Strategic planning starts by defining the vision, the long term goals of the stakeholders. Then working backwards we’ll help you build a plan of action – practical steps we will take today to move us towards that vision.

Focussed Marketing

No organisation has unlimited resources. Growing enterprises must take care to focus their limited capacity on the opportunities with the best payoff. We will help you identify the best markets to achieve the most rapid progress for the business…And then how to expand into other markets.

Innovative business-development initiatives

There are many different ways to deliver value to your chosen markets: face-to-face, online, directly or indirectly. Technology is enhancing and expanding the paths to market. Sometimes a combination of business models is needed… and this may change with time. We will help you choose those paths best suited to achieve the vision.

Establishing and maintaining Strategic Alliances

Most businesses are built on a foundation of key strategic relationships. These may include key customers or suppliers, other providers of products or services that can be bundled with yours, industry consultants, or many others. We can help you establish productive relationships, and sustain them over the long haul … including resolving disputes that sometimes arise, so that business can go on…


We believe that the best finance is the money customers are happy to pay you for your products and services! However, inevitably, a good business idea will need priming at start-up, or to push through critical growth stages. We have raised capital for growing technology businesses on many occasions and can help you to do so as well.